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BluePrint and Engineering Services

Onsite Blueprint and Engineering Services For Building and Renovations

Whether you are just thinking about building, or already have something in mind, it’s never too late to come in to Soo Mill. With our blueprint services we can create plans for you from scratch for anything from a relaxing cottage to your dream home. Already have plans started? We can update them to suit what you want.

There are many things to consider when building, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The details of your construction drawings are critical to ensure that your new home, or cottage or addition is built using proper structural and building methods. Soo Mill Blueprint Services will ensure that your plans meet or exceed all required elements of the Ontario Building Code. Our design experience also means that we have probably run into any one of the unique issues building in Northern Ontario can create, and can help you be prepared.

blueprintBuild & Enjoy

Remember we can also take complete take-offs of those plans and give you material break downs. Plus when you purchase the materials you need through Soo Mill, you get a rebate on your blueprint services. Talk to a specialist today for more details or to book an appointment for blueprint services.

Bringing your ideas to life is all about asking the right questions, using the right technology and listening to exactly what you want. Soo Mill Blueprint Services will make sure you get all of the above.

General Engineering Services Also Available

To make your building and renovation plans easier, we now offer in house Engineering Services. Whether you need an Engineered Slab, Shallow Foundation or are looking for Site Servicing or Exterior Improvements we can make sure you're ready to build! Ask about other gerneral Engineering Services.

Talk to Don McEwen, our blueprint specialist:


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Talk to Andrew Mallette, P. Eng., 


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For more information on the Ontario Building Code, please visit the Government of Ontario Website:

Ontario Building Code