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Soo Mill Custom Trusses

We Manufacture Soo Mill Trusses, Right Here!

There is no room for error or compromise when building a roof. A roof is one of the most complicated parts of your home, and the engineering and construction must be exact. Multiple layouts are now quite common and a roof may have 30 to 40 different trusses. Soo Mill Trusses are custom built for your project.

Our Roof Truss Manufacturing Plant

trussIt is critical that the builder of your roof knows exactly what they are doing. At Soo Mill we have our own Roof Truss Division, right here in town. We design, plan and build all our own trusses and trust us, it’s an art as well as a science.

The advantage of working with a local company is that there are no middlemen for this very important job and any details or complications can be worked out.

Our Engineers

Our Engineers have been making trusses since the 1960s and their experience allows them to comfortably say that they can make a truss for any roof; multiple ceilings, pitches, and vaulted roof areas. We can build it.

Engineered Wood Trusses 
The best manufactured roof trusses require the highest quality materials. The best lumber is hand picked for each project and we use only code metal connectors.

Other Services:

  • Beams
    Where conventional built up beams will NOT work, LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams can. Soo Mill can supply LVL beams at various lengths and depths.
  • Columns
    Engineered columns and posts are available in select sizes.
  • Wood Connectors
    Specialty connectors are available through Simpson Strong Tie, to meet all your connector needs.