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Is it time for a new roof? We install all types of residential asphalt shingles as well as metal roofing. We have a large selection of asphalt shingles in stock – ready to go, plus our roofing suppliers have even more options available. And because of our volume, your special order will be at your door quickly. When you’re ready for your new roof, know that we have many types of metal roofing to choose from; traditional steel roofing that is great for a shed, garage or camp; new steel roofing that is better suited to match the look of your new home. And remember that the complete removal and disposal of all existing roof materials is part of the job.

We Install Roofing – it’s not just something we say, it really is one of our specialties. We’ll get rid of the old roof, and ensure that not so much as a single stray nail is left on your property once your new roof is installed. We protect the roof in case of rain, and part of our expertise involves knowing how much work we can complete in one day so nothing is left exposed.

We can install your new roof!

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Asphalt Shingles

Provided by BP Shingles

BP offers a vast selection of elegant colors that feature a subtle drift of tone to create a dynamic look that matches many home styles.

> Visit BP’s residential roofing page for more information and to see colour choices.

Visit the BP Shingle Website - We Install Roofing New Roof

Metal Roofing

Provided by Vicwest

Vicwest offers a choice of the most popular metal and stone coated steel roofing profiles in a broad spectrum of traditional and designer colors to help you complete your design vision.

> Visit VicWest’s residential roofing page for more information and to see colour choices.

Visit VicWest Metal Roofing Website - We Install Roofing New Roof

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