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Wood Stoves

We Specialize in Wood & Pellet Stoves

Nothing adds warmth or a welcoming atmosphere to your home like a fireplace, but a cozy room on a cold winter’s day isn’t the only reason to consider heating with wood. With rising fuel costs and increasing environmental concerns, new wood stoves continue to stand out as an alternative or supplement to other forms of home heating.
We also carry pellet stoves, which although they require a little more maintenance, are fueled by clean burning bagged pellets. This means no stacking, storing or splitting of wood.

Talk to one of our trained specialists about chimney or pellet venting. We have kits designed for ceiling (standard or cathedral) or wall pass through for both traditional stove pipe or for venting a pellet stove.

Soo Mill Osburn 1800 Wood Stove

Wood Stoves

For a cozy home this winter, nothing quite has the advantages of a wood stove. The fuel is economical and ecological, the look is attractive, and the heat is warm. In fact, most people who have lived in a home heated by wood say that wood heat is warmer than other kinds of heat. That may seem impossible, but wood heat really does make for a comfortable home during the winter.






Osburn Wood Stoves - Soo Mill Wood Stoves

Pellet Stoves

When considering wood as a heat source, most people only think about the firewood that you get from chopping down a tree. But what if space for storing, drying and protecting all that firewood isn’t available? If you’re planning to rely on your wood stove as a main or supplementary heat source, and you don’t have storage space for firewood, you may want to consider a pellet stove. These units use compressed wood pellets as a fuel source that come in manageable, easy-to-store bags. Because they are very clean burning, they don’t require a conventional chimney, which allows them to be installed in homes that may not be suitable for traditional wood stoves although they do still need to be vented.

Drolet Wood Stoves - Soo Mill Wood Stoves

Something Unique…

WiseWay Pellet Stoves have taken the concept of a wood stove that operates using a natural draft and incorporated the use of a manufactured fuel designed to give the user a precise measured heat value in the fuel and designed a burner system and stove that has a continuous feed without the need of a mechanical feed system. Giving the end user a precise ability to control heat and be free of the inability of power companies to keep people warm in a crisis.





Wiseway Pellet Stove - Soo Mill Wood Stoves

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