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From Residential to Commercial: Soo Mill is your one stop dock shop.

Soo Mill provides materials for fixed-docks, floating docks, and more. Our fixed dock and floating dock products, as well as dock accessories, incorporate the best technology and construction methods available today. Dock kits can be configured with a variety of dock floats. Our large array of floating dock hardware makes dock construction faster and easier.

We pride ourselves on having the materials and dock hardware you need in stock when you need them. Plus, we have the ability to special order. We know our customers want the best options and the best value. Our knowledgeable staff are here to answer questions you may have about docks or dock related products and offer unmatched service and support to all our customers.

Whether you know exactly what you need for your dock or marine system project, or are just starting to look for ideas we look forward to meeting you soon!

Dock Components

by MaultiNautic

So whether you’re looking for the best quality Aluminum Docks, Marine Galvanized Steel Hardware, Boat / PWC Ramp Kits, Premium Floats or Marine Accessories… you’re looking in the right place!

Visit MultiNautic’s page for more information.

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Dock Components

by Tommy Docks

Whether you’re looking for a straight forward dock layout or something a bit more elaborate, Tommy Docks offers the easy solution that makes creating your own sectional dock system masterpiece a snap.

Visit Tommy Dock’s page for more information.

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Dock Floats

by Techstar

Techstar Dock Floats keep all of your lumber out of the water!

Visit Techstar’s page for more information.

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Recreational Products

From ATL Distributing

At The Lake Distributing has all kinds of water related recreational products.

> Visit ATL’s product page for more information and to see options.

ATL Distributing

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